SolusVM is a virtual server management software that allows users and administrators to manage virtualized machine, including OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM based VPS, through a simple interface. SolusVM is widely used by hosting service providers to simplify the management and deployment of Virtual Private Servers, such as RackNerd and ethernetservers. Here’s an official introdution to SolusVM 1 API.

By calling the SolusVM 1 API, we can quickly obtain basic information about the VPS, such as bandwidth usage data, memory usage, and storage usage.

solusVM Control Panel

You can generate API Key and API Hash in API section

There’re 4 optional information can be provided: ipaddr=true、hdd=true、mem=true、bw=true

curl -s https://nerdvm.racknerd.com/api/client/command.php?key=<Your API Key>&hash=<Your API Hash>&action=info&ipaddr=true&hdd=true&mem=true&bw=true

Ethernetserver’s url: https://instancecontrol.com/api/client/command.php?

curl -s https://instancecontrol.com/api/client/command.php?key=<Your API Key>&hash=<Your API Hash>&action=info&ipaddr=true&hdd=true&mem=true&bw=true

Output like this:


Reboot command:

curl -s https://nerdvm.racknerd.com/api/client/command.php?key=<Your API Key>&hash=<Your API Hash>&action=reboot

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